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The Left Bank Maurice Kahn Gallery is showing 218 miniature paintings by local artist, Peggy P. Younger. These works are inspired by Bob Ross and the Joy of Painting. This ongoing series of bright and joyful oil paintings will be on view till January 2nd


Madalyn Olson 8 Rachel’s Revenge (2022)
Polymer Clay, resin, acrylic paint, vintage lace
*The Manchester Vampire

    Demon Haunted World

Please join us for a Reception, Friday the 13th,

5:00 -7:00pm,  OCTOBER,  2023

It's time for the Annual Halloween Show at The Left Bank Maurice Kahn Gallery in North Bennington.

This year we are showcasing artworks inspired by Gothic Horror icons, folk tales, cursed objects, ghosts, gaping demons and true tales. Awakened third eye artifacts and works featuring apotropaic magic and protection grace our walls. Come and celebrate the guardians, wanderers and shapeshifters. Don't forget your lucky charm!

All ages welcome. Light refreshments will be served


Emily Gold

Lodiza LePore

Madalyn Olson

Jill VanOrden

Al Perry

Matthew Perry

Rhonda Ratray

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Four Non-Objective Painters

New York City based artists; Dieter Kuhn, Kevin Laverty, Patrick Todd and Max Preston Yawney, have known each other and have interacted closely over the last 20 to 30 years.


There is a sympathetic understanding among these artists regarding the experience that artworks can provide. The visual fields and actual painterly devices used differ greatly, even though the intended experience for the viewer is similar. These differences play out in a comparative manner in this exhibition.


 These artists are simultaneously concerned with the physical making of the works; the tactile and actual look of the works, due to their individual production methods. The deconstructive or archeological processes of a viewer deciphering the works is calculated into each of these artist’s rationale in the production of these works.


 The notions that lie within more traditional narrative works and the underlying essence of contemporary issues, if paired down to the essentials, can still be found in these works. The lightness of human interaction, differences, grace and behavioral congestion, the lived lives within our multicultural landscape, changes to our collective perceptions etc…are all delineated in these works without using straight forward one shot methods, instead the artists included here have developed their own vocabulary and mechanisms for putting forth relevant notions.

  RECEPTION: September 9, 4-6pm

Shirley Jackson Celebration 2023


Anna Crabtree

Oil on wood



The John G. McCullough Free Library, The Left Bank, and the Shirley Jackson Awards Committee proudly present this year’s Shirley Jackson Day Celebration on Saturday, June 24th.



In the gallery, our annual Shirley Jackson tribute show will accompany the celebration:

Reception 3-5pm

We are showcasing artworks that explore the still relevant themes and provocative symbols present in the Lottery. Community, connection and family, tradition and superstition, portrayals of the harvest, stones and trajectories, chance, questions about correlation vs. causation, black boxes, fairness, justice, indoctrination, as well as themes of conformity or conversely, the bucking and breaking of tradition. Curated by Rhonda Ratray

Featuring artists:
Bill Botzow
Anna Crabtree
Peter Crabtree
Sara Farrell Okamura
Anima Katz
Paul Katz
Lodiza LePore
Nick Massari
Rick Oller
Rhonda Ratray
Greg Scheckler
Jess Smith
Greg Winterhalter

On view June 19th- July 26th

This year's celebration will feature readings of Jackson's work by:

Jai Holly: one of Shirley Jackson's four children, is a retired RN and mobile maker who lives in Bennington.

Barry Hyman: the youngest of Shirley Jackson's children, has been performing, recording, and teaching music in the VT/NY/MA area for decades. A grant-winning composer, his music can be heard at, or seen on YouTube.

Genevieve Plunkett: the author of Prepare Her: Stories, and forthcoming novel In the Lobby of the Dream Hotel (Catapult, 2023). She lives in Bennington, Vermont.

Margot Harrison: the author of YA thrillers The Killer in Me, The Glare, We Made It All Up, and the forthcoming Only She Came Back. A two-time finalist for the Vermont Book Award, she lives in Vermont and works at alt-weekly newspaper Seven Days.

Katherine Arden: Katherine Arden is the New York Times bestselling author of the Winternight trilogy and the Small Spaces Quartet. In addition to writing, she enjoys aimless travel, growing flowers, and running wild through the woods with her dog, Moose. She lives in Vermont.

Brett Cox, president of the Shirley Jackson Awards Board of Directors, will be the evening's host.





Entangled: Looking at Landscapes of Interconnection


Lee Williams        Springtime     Oil on Canvas

"Lots of organisms interact. If one makes a map of who interacts with whom, one sees a network. However the fungal networks form physical connections between plants. It is the difference between having twenty acquaintances and having twenty acquaintances with whom one shares a circulatory system."
- Merlin Sheldrake, Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape Our Futures


This is a show of landscape paintings reflecting relationships from the small to the large. We are here in the Anthropocene, perched on the edge of the Sixth Extinction we see the cumulative effect of human involvement in the world. Fritjof Capra author of The Web of Life says "Deep ecological awareness recognizes the fundamental interdependence of all phenomena and the fact that, as individuals and societies, we are all embedded in (and ultimately dependent on) the cyclical processes of nature.”
How do we visualize these entanglements?

on View till March 30th

Featuring Artists:

Berta Burr
Anna Crabtree
Stella Ehrich
Emily Gaimari
Frank Howard
Anima Katz
Paul Katz
Steve Lenox
Jim Payne
Anna Radocchia
Rhonda Ratray
MaryJane Sarvis
Beriah Wall
Kate Whitehall
Bob Wiegers
Greg Winterhalter
Lee Williams

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