Lee's work investigates the relationship between the familiar, the other worldly and the many layers in between. His recent sculptural work has been created using materials that are developed as assemblages or reconfigurations with links to formal or art historical references.  


"I have always drawn, made and invented objects and installations exploring and challenging the way I make meaning, finding connections between seemingly disparate things. I am fascinated by the intangibility of time, which we punctuate with markers, like the marks and pauses in musical notation. Weaving together my fascination with the elemental forces of nature, man- made constructions, stories and sensory experiences. In essence exploring my involvement with the human-nature relationship." 

   -Lee Williams




Originally from Wales in the UK. Lee Williams studied at Cardiff School of Art, Birmingham School of Art, Goldsmiths University, London and The University of South Wales. He has worked for many educational institutions and colleges in the UK and Ireland and has initiated many artist led projects and socially engaged projects. He currently lives and works in Shaftsbury, VT and is an artist /teacher with Vermont Arts Exchange.

ON VIEW TILL MAY 29th 2021 Contact leftbanknorthb@gmail for an appointment.