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mandala yoga and art mini retreat

with Yogi, Tracey ForestArtist, Amy Anselmo  $75

The word mandala means Circle in Sanskrit.
Circle is a universal symbol of unity and of the unbroken perfection of life. Earth, the moon, the sun, stars, and the seasons are all circular 

As Native American medicine man black elk said,


"Everything the power of the world does, is done in a circle."

Come explore the circle in your body and in your soul.
As we are moving from late winter early spring, we are allowing those ideas which we have been incubating through the winter to sprout up through the earth.

This mini retreat offers you the opportunity to take time for yourself to move in the circle to create in a circle and to allow those ideas and those feelings which have been in the dark to come up and out into the light.

First we will explore yoga through Mandala sequencing, through which we embody circular movement and awakening. After a challenging and enlivening practice, we will enjoy a visualization during Savasana to help us gather those things which are stirring within us and prepare to take them into our art practice.

After a break of tea and healthy snacks, we will move into art mandalas, making visual symbols of our movement and inspiration.

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Kalei Carlson

 Modern Dance and CReative Movement 4 Fridays


Creative Movement: (ages 4-7) This free flowing movement class is great for little ones to burn off 

energy and become aware of themselves. Using the fundamentals of Modern & Jazz, stretching, stomping, and dancing across the floor. 



Modern I: (ages 8-12) Modern is known as the rebel to Ballet. This class brings you into your body with grace and flow, at the same time grounding and rooting yourself through movement. Pulling from African Dance too, you will contract, jump and leap across the floor with strength and confidence.



Modern II: (ages 13+) Same as Modern I, you will learn short combinations and core centered exercises. Learning to let go and be free with movement. Bring your frustrations, your stories, your happiness, and put it into your dancing. 



All classes run in 4 week series and cost 60.00. Pre registration is required, Call Kalei at 413-347-3372 or email her at  Check out our website at for all the services we offer!

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