Teresa King



4/23 Thursday 6:30 p.m. Spiritual Roots

Ways to Bring the Sacred into Everyday Life. 

This workshop will be a collaborative exploration of ways to deepen the presence of the Sacred in our lives, fortifying us to handle whatever life brings.  We will also honor our Soul Selves.  With Teresa King.  $15.


4/26 Sunday 2:00-4:00 p.m.  Free Event  GATHERING THE GRANDMOTHERS

A Special Event, inspired by the International Council, to honor local Grandmothers.  Please note that one does not have to have grandchildren to attend.  This will be a time for our Female Elders to be seen, heard, honored and accepted for all that they are.  There will be a time for each Grandmother to share her greatest piece of wisdom.  Spread the word!  Please RSVP teresaking1@live.com, if you know you will be attending.



Spiritual Roots has been created to help people remain connected to the Sacred, despite all that occurs in life.  Each month's topic will deepen our ability to walk with Spirit and provide us with more tools to become unshakeable.  People will leave feeling uplifted and strengthened by our practice, our sharing and by each others' presence.  Please bring paper, pen and an open heart.  RSVP teresaking1@live.com, if you know you will be attending.

Teresa King has been facilitating women's workshops for 18 years.  In safe space, women ask themselves large questions and acquire many tools though exercises, guided visualizations, and shared insights, which help them strengthen their voice and create what they want.

Teresa has been teaching yoga for 20 years.  The focus of her classes is on honoring the body as it presents itself, inviting compassion and gentleness as opposed to a sense of competition and perfection.  Other passions include doing ceremony and sharing the teachings of The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.