Dance your Can'ts Off- Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 pm  starts 4/22

Through free~flowing mindful movement and breath work, this workshop invites adults of all ages to use creative dance as a medium for releasing old beliefs and thought patterns that are no longer serving them, thereby expanding into their full potential.

Our bodies mirror our inner-experience; stress can manifest into physiological ailments, reminding us to create a shift. The work in this class brings Mind and Body together to help clear away blocks and create a wellness that will inspire you to Thrive!

Please note that you do not have to be versed in the art of dance to benefit from this class. If you enjoy movement and have the desire to restore your brilliance, this class is for you!


•About The Instructor•

Rachel Bauscher has been enjoying the benefits of Mindful Movement & Creative Dance for more than 20 years, during which time she has also dedicated herself to the independent study of spirituality, esoteric teachings and holistic health. The discoveries she has made on her journey are what led her to design a program that incorporated her love of dance with her mission to inspire Healing & Wellness in others.

$60 for a series of 6 classes or $15 Drop in
Rachel can be contacted at:


Dance Party!  6 Fridays  11am-12pm starts 4/24

Children ages 2-5 are invited to boogie down and explore their imaginations in this creative movement class that will improve motor skills, cultivate creativity and provide an exciting environment that combines independence with socialization and exercise! 

$5 per child and an  $3 for each additional family member


Rachel Bauscher

Dance Party! & Dance your Can'ts Off